Monday, May 13, 2013

menu of the week for May 13

Monday - May 13
Turkey Kefta $8.19
A moroccan inspiried spiced dish made with minced turkey served with a side of tzatziki sauce. served with Herb garlic rice, salad and pita bread.
BBQ pulled pork Pita $8.09
pulled pork seasoned in a bbq sauce served on a wheat pita and topped woth cole slaw. served with fries
Soup of the day: carrot and ginger

Tuesday - May 14
Gaucho Salad: $8.29
Grilled seasoned Flank streak on a bed of mixed greens, served with sides of tomatoes and topped with hand shreaded sardo cheese and a chimichurri salad dressing, served with bread.
Puerto Rican BBQ chicken. $8.39
a marinated and baked quater BBQ chicken served with pink beans and rice, served with salad and bread.

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