Sunday, June 30, 2013

menu for the week of july 1

Coco’s Corner Café

Our weekly menu is on the web:

Menu for the week of July 1, 2013 

Monday Lunch Specials

Grilled Bruschetta Chicken $8.19[Ω]
A grilled chicken breast topped with tomatoes basil and garlic with a side of rice, salad and bread.

Pilgrim Pie $8.19 Ω

Ground turkey sautéed with onions, peas, carrots and fresh herbs will be layered between mashed sweet and Idaho potatoes. Served with salad and bread

Soup of the day: Carrot Ginger

Tuesday Lunch Specials
Puerto Rican BBQ Chicken $8.39
A marinated and BBQ baked quarter chicken served with house salad,

Penne ala vodka with sausage and bacon $8.09

penne mixed with vodka sauce, ricotta, italian sausage and topped with a parmesan chrust. served with salad and bread.

Soup of the day: Tomato basil

Wednesday Lunch Specials
Turkey Meatloaf sandwich. $7.99
What could me more American that A high protein, low-fat turkey meatloaf served on a baguette with provolone lettuce and tomato. Served with chips 
Guinness beef stew $8.29
A stew made with Guinness draft and chunks of beef with veggies served
Soup of the day: Split pea


Thursday Lunch Specials Fourth of July NO work!!!

Your Own Damned Sandwich:$0.00

I assume you’ll have some sort of bread and sliced meat at home. So making a sandwich wouldn’t be that bad, did you at least sleep in?
The hotdog at your friends BBQ: $A 6er of beer and trip to the beach
Hopefully this won’t make you sick. Be sure they cleaned the grill and drink lots of fluids I would stay away from mayonnaise based salads at the beach.

Soup of the day: youre at home why read this soup?

Friday lunch specials

Cuban Sandwich: $7.99

Roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard on a baguette with a side of potato wedges or salad. 

Tacos Gringos $8.19

Seasoned ground beef with lettuce and tomatoes and cheese on soft Flour shells served with chips and salsa.

Soup of the day: Chicken noodle

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