Sunday, August 4, 2013

Menu for Aug 5

Menu for the week of Aug 5, 2013 

Chicken burrito: $8.09
Spicy chicken with beans, rice, lettuce, cheese, salsa and sour cream wrapped in a tortilla. Served with a side salad.
50’s Meatloaf $8.29
My interpretation of the fifties style meatloaf. Served with mashed potatoes beef gravy salad and bread.
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Cuban Roast pork loin $8.29

A Latin spice rubbed pork loin served with black beans and rice, salad and bread.
Cornflake chicken w/ cauliflower mash $8.19
Cornflake chicken served with cauliflower mash, salad and bread
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Wednesday Lunch Specials

Sebastian’s turkey burger $8.09 Ω

The Coco’s turkey burger smothered with garlic spinach and covered with Swiss cheese on a thin roll with spicy ketchup. Served with baked fries.

Chicken Cacciatore: $8.29
Pieces of chicken cooked in wine with peppers and onions served over pasta with salad and bread.
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Thursday Lunch Specials

Sloppy Joes: $8.09(rice) $7.59(roll)
An American tradition made not so sloppy. Served in a bread bowl with
chips or served on rice with salad and bread

Italian chicken salad wrap $7.99

Chicken breasted mixed with artichoke hearts black lives and sundried tomatoes mixed with herbs and olive oil in a non-mayo,salad served in a wrap with tomatoes and spinach .

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Friday lunch specials
Gaucho Pita: $8.19
Marinated flank steak served in a pita with shredded sardo cheese, chimi-churi sauce, lettuce and tomato. Served with sweet potato wedges
Grilled Bruschetta Chicken $8.09[Ω]
A grilled chicken breast topped with tomatoes basil and garlic with a side of rice, salad and bread.
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