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menu for the week of Oct 14

Coco’s Corner Café

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Menu for the week of September Oct 14, 2013 

Monday Lunch Specials

Chicken Philly Cheese  $7.99

A Jersey style cheese steak sub done with chicken instead with sautéed onions and peppers on your choice bread. Served with salad or fries.

Swedish Meatballs $8.29
Meatballs topped with beef gravy served on mashed potatoes with a side house salad and bread  
Soup of the day:

Tuesday Lunch Specials
Plantain stuffed chicken breast.$8.39
A Latin spiced chicken breast stuffed with sweet plantain served with pink beans and rice. With a side salad and bread

Turkey Kefta $8.19

A Moroccan kebob made from minced turkey meat that has been spiced and mixed with fresh herbs. Served with cuscus salad and pita bread and homemade tzatziki sauce
Soup of the day:

Wednesday Lunch Specials

Chili rubbed pork loin $8.39

A chili rubbed pork loin served with chili beans and rice, salad and bread.
Hollywood beach local Salad $8.39
The salad is a bed of mixed greens with a chicken breast that has been baked with orange peel, tarragon and curry with some sesame seed oil and topped Red onion, cucumber, Black olives and orange slices.
Soup of the day:


Thursday Lunch Specials

Sausage and Peppers $8.09

Sausage with onions, peppers, and dice tomatoes cooked with white wine; served on a bed of pasta with salad and bread.

Spinach & turkey Ziti $8.29
A new spin on an old Favorite. Ground turkey and sautéed spinach mixed into pasta with a base sauce made of tomatoes and a milk based cover sauce.

Soup of the day:

Friday lunch specials
Arroz con Pollo $8.19
Finally we’ll try Sebastian’s version of this traditional dish. No bones but all the flavor. Served with salad and bread.

Surprise special: $X.XX

Could this be the return of the heat dog?

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