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Menu may 27-30

Coco’s Corner Café

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Menu for the week of may 27 2014

Monday Lunch Specials
Tuesday Lunch Specials
Chori-pan $7.99
2 Grilled Sausages on a baguette spread with Argentinean “chimichurri” sauce; served with salad or chips.
Boutique hotel Caesar salad. $8.29
Another I can do better recipe. On Sobe $22. Romaine lettuce with sliced fresh herbed chicken breast, prosciutto chips, croutons, and topped with a parmesan crisp strip.

Wednesday Lunch Specials
Chili rubbed pork loin $8.39
A chili rubbed pork loin served with bbq beans and rice, salad and bread.
Heat Dog day!!! $7.50 Game tonight @8:30 on ESPN
Will the heat close out the Pacers? Or will we go to game 6?
Extra : Prosciutto Mac and cheese

Thursday Lunch Specials

Coq Au Vin $8.39

A traditional French dish of chicken cooked in wine and served with vegetables salad and bread

Swedish Meatballs $8.29
Meatballs topped with beef gravy served on mashed potatoes with a side house salad and bread  

Friday lunch specials
Chicken  enchiladas $8.29

Shredded chicken, peppers and onions rolled in a tortilla covered with a green tomatillo sauce and cheese. Sour cream and rice and beans on the side

Zucchini Boats $8.19
Stuffed with ground turkey and zucchini chunks served with rice salad and bread.

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