Sunday, June 29, 2014

menu for the last week of june

Coco’s Corner Café

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Menu for the week of June 30, 2014

Monday Lunch Specials
Eye round roast: 8.29
An eye round roasted with potatoes carrots and onions. Served with house salad and bread

Spinach and Mushrooms stuffed chicken $8.39

The name says it all, served with house salad, rice and bread. Its better eaten than explained.
Tuesday Lunch Specials
Chori-pan $7.99
2 Grilled Sausages on a baguette spread with Argentinean “chimichurri” sauce; served with salad or chips.
Boutique hotel Caesar salad. $8.29
Another I can do better recipe. On Sobe $22. Romaine lettuce with sliced fresh herbed chicken breast, prosciutto chips, croutons, and topped with a parmesan crisp strip.
Wednesday Lunch Specials
Apple Roast pork loin $8.39
Pork loin roasted with apple slices and juices. Served with polenta, salad and bread.

Turkey Kefta $8.19

A Moroccan kebob made from minced turkey meat that has been spiced and mixed with fresh herbs. Served with cuscus salad and pita bread and homemade tzatziki sauce

Thursday Lunch Specials the world cup begins!

Cuban steak. $8.39

Thin steaks marinated in a mojo and cooked with onions and garlic served with white rice, black beans, salad and bread.

Quiche $7.79

Choose one of our Assorted quiche flavors served with house salad and bread.

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