Sunday, November 4, 2012

Menue November 5, 2012

Coco’s Corner Cafe

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Cornerstone II cafeteria Phone: 954-626-190


Country meat loaf with tomato relish
Ground beef mixed with tomato relish and baked to perfection; served with real mashed potatoes, gravy, house salad and fresh bread. $8.19
Spinach and mushroom stuffed chicken breasts
Sautéed spinach with mushrooms and shallots stuffed in a chicken breast and baked; served with orzo pasta with fontina cheese and peas $8.09
Split Pea Soup

Chicken Cacciatore
Pieces of chicken baked with fresh tomato, green peppers and onions, served on a bed of linguini with salad and bread. $8.09
Morgan’s Veggie Patties
Homemade veggie pattie made with vegetables and beans served on a French roll with red bell pepper hummus, spinach, tomatoes, and swiss cheese served with potato chips. $7.99   
Tuscan vegetable Soup

Steak on pita with onions, peppers and tomatoes
Flank steak marinated with chimichurri sauce then broiled and served on top of Greek pita bread with melted blue cheese, sliced tomatoes grilled onions and peppers; and a side of potato salad or potato chips. $8.19
Turkey Fried Rice
Ground turkey stir fry with peas, snow peas, water chestnuts and shredded carrots seasoned with ginger, hoisin sauce and garlic, served with salad and bread, $8.09
Carrot and Grand smith Apple Soup
Peruvian Beef Saltado
Flank steak stir fry with onions and peppers and baked fries, plus a side of white rice; salad and bread. $8.29
Geschnetzeltes (pork pieces in Cream Sauce)
Slivers of pork cooked in a sherry wine mushrooms and cream sauce served over noodles with salad and bread $ 8.09
Cabbage Soup 

Poached Salmon with Champagne Sauce
Poach piece of salmon in champagne covered with champagne reduction sauce; served with Lyonnais potatoes, salad and bread. $ 8.39
Chicken Cordon Bleu
Stuffed chicken breasts with ham and cheese covered with Japanese pan-ko breadcrumbs then baked; served with monray sauce, creamed spinach, salad and bread. $8.29

Salmon chowder

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