Sunday, July 28, 2013

menu for the week of 7/29

Coco’s Corner Café

Our weekly menu is on the web:


Menu for the week of July 29, 2013 


Penne ala vodka with sausage and bacon $8.09

penne mixed with vodka sauce, ricotta, italian sausage and topped with a parmesan chrust. served with salad and bread.

Turkey pear Panini $7.79 Ω
Sliced Turkey sliced pears, Swiss cheese and spinach on a Grilled wheat pita with Dijon mustard. Served with a spinach salad
Soup of the day: roasted garlic and butternut squash


Eye round roast: 8.19

An eye round roasted with potatoes carrots and onions. Served with house salad and bread

MTB Chicken:$8.19
A chicken breast topped with mozzarella tomato and fresh basil served with pasta salad and bread.
Soup of the day:

Wednesday Lunch Specials
BBQ Chicken $8.39
A marinated and BBQ baked quarter chicken served with Mac and cheese and a  house salad,

Soup of the day:


Thursday Lunch Specials

Turkey Kefta $8.19

A Moroccan kebob made from minced turkey meat that has been spiced and mixed with fresh herbs. Served with cuscus salad and pita bread and homemade tzatziki sauce

Soup of the day:

Friday lunch specials
Meat Lasagna:. $8.19
Beef and sausage mixed with layers of tomato sauce and cheese.

Croque Monsieur $7.99
A traditional French sandwich topped with béchamel sauce and melted
cheeses this ham sandwich can’t be considered plain.

Soup of the day:

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