Sunday, November 30, 2014

menu for the first week of december

Coco’s Corner Café

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Menu for the week of 12/1/ 2014

Specials are the same price cash or credit. 

This week we continue to have a daily gluten free (GF) or “Paleo diet” (P) meal
Monday Lunch Specials
Thors eye Eye round roast: 8.39 (p)
An eye round roasted with carrots, yams and onions. Served with house salad and bread

Chicken Philly cheese  $8.19

A Chicken philly sandwich provolone both with sautéed onions and peppers on your choice bread. Served with salad or chips.

Soup lentil

Tuesday Lunch Specials
Almond Chicken. 8.39 (P)
A chicken breast covered with almonds served with a side of bacon collard greens and carrots
Guinness beef stew $8.29
A stew made with Guinness draft and chunks of beef with veggies served

Soup: beer bratwurst

Wednesday Lunch Specials
Chili rubbed pork loin $8.49
A chili rubbed pork loin served with bbq beans and rice, salad and bread.



Thursday Lunch Specials

Individual meatloaf $8.39
Individually made mini loafs in a bed of beef gravy topped with onions with homemade mashed potatoes and salad.
Jerk chicken $8.49 (GF)
Marinated chicken served with white rice and veggies

Soup of the day:


Friday Lunch Specials

Garlic roast beef sub. $8.09
A toasted baguette with roasted garlic butter, provolone, spinach and
roast beef. Served with chips or salad
Gluten free Baked ziti $8.19 (gf)
Ziti mixed with marinara sauce, ricotta, mozzarella and parmesan
cheese. Baked and served with salad and bread.
Soup: chicken noodle

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