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menu for the week of 11-10-14

Coco’s Corner Café

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Menu for the week of 11/3/ 2014

Specials are the same price cash or credit. 

This week we continue to have a daily gluten free (GF) or “Paleo diet” (P) meal
Monday Lunch Specials
Cuban Roast pork loin $8.49
A Latin spice rubbed pork loin served with black beans and rice, salad and bread
Rosemary Balsamic chicken $8.49
A boneless chicken breast baked with balsamic vinegar and rosmary served with Zucchini pasta and salad
Soup Latin lentil

Tuesday Lunch Specials
Individual meatloaf $8.39
Individually made mini loafs in a bed of beef gravy topped with onions with homemade mashed potatoes and salad.
Paleo meal

Wednesday Lunch Specials
Balsamic Chicken Spinach salad[Ω] $8.49
Chicken over a bed of spinach leaves with a balsamic reduction , fresh mozzarella, homemade croutons and tomatoes, with a choice of bacon or artichoke hearts.
EggChiladas $8.59(gf)
Using eggplant slices instead of tortillas to make shredded steak enchiladas with ranchera sauce served with rice and beans on the side with salad.

Thursday Lunch Specials
Paleo steak house special $8.59 (p)
Flank steak with a special paleo diet steak sauce with a side of bacon sautéed Brussels sprouts and a side of roasted squash
California club $7.99
Chicken breast, bacon tomatoes and green cabbage with a chipotle spread on a wheat baguette served with salad or chips.

Food truck Fridays lunch specials
Cuban sandwich Quesadilla $8.39 (ft)
A Cuban sandwich done quesadilla style not a crazydilla served with plantain chips.
Salmon Friday (p) $8.59
Smoked sea salt seasoned salmon with our paleo brava sauce served with sautéed kale and almond topped green beans

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