Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week Menu October 22, 2012

Coco’s Corner Cafe
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Cornerstone I cafeteria Phone: 954-423-2399
Cornerstone II cafeteria Phone: 954-626-1900

Baked Stuffed Eye Round
Parsley garlic, walnuts, sautéed pimentos, and shallots stuffed in the center of the meat baked till tender, served with mini shells with peas, salad and bread. $ 8.29
Waldorf Turkey Salad Wrap
Mixed chopped up apples, walnuts with cubed turkey breast, celery mayonnaise and spices, rolled in a tortilla with lettuce and tomatoes; served with potato salad. $7.79
Chicken Corn Chowder New

Orange rosemary chicken
Pieces of chicken roasted, mixed with rosemary sauce and served with Jasmine rice, green beans and bread. $8.19
Stuffed Giant Baked Potato
Choose your toppings from broccoli, bacon chips, creamy spinach, sour cream and butter on an Idaho potato, served with salad and bread. $ 7.59
Chicken Provencal Soup

Brisket with carrots and onions
Beef brisket baked with carrots, celery, tomato juice and spices; served with mashed potatoes, salad and bread $8.29
Geschnetzeltes (Chicken pieces in Cream Sauce) “German dish”
Slivers of chicken breast cooked in a sherry wine mushrooms and cream sauce served over noodles and a side of salad $ 7.99
Olive garden zuppa Toscana

Arroz Con Pollo
Chicken pieces cooked in a sofrito sauce with onions, red pimentos saffron and rice, served with salad and bread. $8.19
Philly cheese steak
A baguette loaded with shredded steak, onions and peppers Cheddar and  Monterrey Jack cheese; served with potato salad or chips. $7.99
Cocido Madrileño Soup

Black and White Sesame Salmon
Salmon filets crusted with black/white sesame seeds and baked’ served with rice and bake vegetables. $8.39
Broccoli with Cheddar and Parmesan Quiche
Broccoli flowerets mixed with eggs, cheddar and parmesan cheeses, cream, and seasoning; served with salad and bread. $7.99
Cream of Wild Mushrooms Soup


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