Sunday, January 20, 2013

menu for the week of 1-21

Monday Lunch Specials

Arroz con Pollo $8.19
Finally we’ll try Sebastian’s version of this traditional dish. No
bones but all the flavor. Served with salad and bread.
Spaghetti and meatballs $8.19
Pasta in a homemade sauce with meatballs, served with house salad and bread.

Soup of the day: Latin Lentil

Tuesday Lunch Specials

Asian chicken salad $8.19
Chicken stir-fried with carrots onion, and peppers over a bed of mixed
greens and topped with chow-mien noodles with an Asian dressing
Sloppy Joes: $8.09(rice) $7.59(roll)
An American tradition made not so sloppy. Served in a bread bowl with
chips or served on rice with salad and bread

Soup of the day: beef barley

Wednesday  Lunch Specials

Cuban steak. $8.29
Thin steaks marinated in a mojo and cooked with onions and garlic
served with rice and black beans. a side salad and bread too 

 Zucchini Boats $7.99
Stuffed with ground turkey and zucchini chunks served with rice salad and bread.

Soup of the day: carrot ginger

Thursday Lunch Specials

Korean steak tacos $8.09
Korean bbq steak in soft taco shells topped with red cabbage and peanuts.
with cilantro sour cream or spicy sour cream, cheese available.
Caq Au Vin $8.29
A traditional French dish of chicken cooked in wine and served with
vegetables salad and bread

Soup of the day:

Friday Lunch Specials

Guinness beef stew $8.29
A stew made with Guinness draft and chunks of beef with veggies served
with mashed potatoes , salad and bread.
Herbed tilapia With Zucchini "Pasta" $8.29 Ω
Italian herbed tilapia served with faux pasta made of zucchini in a
tomato sauce, served with salad and bread.

Soup of the day: Manhattan clam chowder

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