Sunday, March 24, 2013

menu 3/25

Coco’s Corner Café
Our weekly menu is on the web:
Menu for the week of march 25 , 2013 
Monday Lunch Specials
Chicken Philly cheese  $7.99
A Chicken philly sandwich provolone both with sautéed onions and peppers on your choice bread. Served with salad or chips.
Swedish Meatballs $8.19
Meatballs topped with beef gravy served on mashed potatoes with a side house salad and bread  
Soup of the day: split pea

Tuesday Lunch Specials
Gaucho Salad: $8.29
Grilled, seasoned flank steak on a bed of mixed greens with tomatoes and a special Chimi-churi salad dressing with a roll.
agricoltori pasta $8.19
Chicken, broccoli, yellow squash, and red peppers in a light cream sauce served with whole wheat pasta. With salad and bread
Soup of the day: baked potatoe

Wednesday Lunch Specials
Cuban Picadillo  $8.19
Cuban style picadillo served with black beans, white rice, house salad, & bread
Jerk chicken $8.39
Marinated chicken served with white rice and veggies.
  Soup of the day: beef barley

Thursday Lunch Specials
Italian chicken salad wrap $7.99
Chicken breasted mixed with artichoke hearts black lives and sundried tomatoes mixed with herbs and olive oil in a non-mayo,salad served in a wrap with tomatoes and spinach .
Argentine Milanessa $8.29/ neopolitana style +$.75
Thin breaded steaks served chimi-churi, French fries, house salad and bread.
Soup of the day: Red cabbage soup

Friday Lunch Specials
Heat Dog day!!!
Get ready for tonight’s heat game early with the HEAT-DOG! Two hot dogs in 1 bun with Bacon, spicy onion sauce, a white cheese sauce.
Fish dish:X.XX?
Are we open? I’m not sure but its good Friday so I will have a fish dish if open
Soup of the day: TBA

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