Sunday, March 3, 2013

week of march 4th

Monday Lunch Specials
Croque Monsieur $7.99
A traditional French sandwich topped with béchamel sauce and melted
cheeses this ham sandwich can’t be considered plain.

Gaucho Salad: $8.29 Ω
Grilled, seasoned flank steak on a bed of mixed greens with tomatoes and a special Chimi-churi salad dressing with a roll.

Soup of the day: tomato and red pepper
Tuesday Lunch Specials
agricoltori pasta $8.19
Chicken, broccoli, yellow squash, and red peppers in a light cream sauce served with whole wheat pasta. With salad and bread
Tacos Gringos $8.09
North American style tacos with ground beef, lettuce tomatoes onions and cheese served with chips and salsa. 
Soup of the day: beef barley
Wednesday Lunch Specials
Penne ala vodka with sausage and bacon $8.09
penne mixed with vodka sauce, ricotta, italian sausage and topped with a parmesan chrust. served with salad and bread.
Plantain stuffed chicken breast.$8.39
A Latin spiced chicken breast stuffed with sweet plantain served with beans and rice. With a side salad and bread Cuban toast
Soup of the day: lentil
Thursday Lunch Specials

Guinness beef stew $8.29

A stew made with Guinness draft and chunks of beef with veggies served with mashed potatoes, salad and bread

Sebastian’s turkey burger $8.19 Ω

The Coco’s turkey burger smothered with garlic spinach and covered with Swiss cheese on a thin roll with spicy ketchup. Served with baked fries.

Soup of the day: Split pea

Friday Lunch Specials
Cuban Sandwich: $7.99
Roasted pork, ham, Swiss cheese, pickles, and mustard on a baguette with a side of potato wedges or salad. 
Herbed tilapia With Zucchini "Pasta" $8.29 Ω
Italian herbed tilapia served with faux pasta made of zucchini in a
tomato sauce, served with salad and bread.
Soup of the day:

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