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menu for the week of April 28

Coco’s Corner Café

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Menu for the week of April 28, 2014 

Monday Lunch Specials
Heat Dog day!!! Sweep???
Get ready for Post season early with our kind of famous Miami HEAT-DOG! Two hot dogs with a spicy 5 chili onion sauce, house-made white cheese sauce and topped with bacon.

Chicken saltimbocca. $8.29

Chicken topped with prosciutto and a lemon served with herb garlic rice, salad and bread.

Tuesday Lunch Specials
Beef  enchiladas $8.19

Ground beef, peppers and onions rolled in a tortilla covered with a red ranchera sauce and cheese. Sour cream and rice and beans on the side

Balsamic Chicken Spinach salad[Ω] $8.49
Chicken over a bed of spinach leaves with a balsamic reduction , fresh mozzarella, homemade croutons and tomatoes, with a choice of bacon or artichoke hearts.
Wednesday Lunch Specials
Caq Au Vin $8.29
A traditional French dish of chicken cooked in wine and served with
vegetables salad and bread

Croque Monsieur $7.99
A traditional French sandwich topped with béchamel sauce and melted
cheeses this ham sandwich can’t be considered plain.

Thursday Lunch Specials

Apple Roast pork loin $8.39
Pork loin roasted with apple slices and juices. Served with polenta, salad and bread.

Cuban steak sub. $8.09

Thin steaks marinated in a mojo and cooked with onions and garlic in a baguette with provolone cheese served with fries

Friday lunch specials
Burger bash Mini-burger trio $8.19
3 mini cheese burgers, one traditional sautéed onion and American cheese, one mushroom & Swiss and one bbq cheddar and bacon. With fries or salad.  

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